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Choose Your Millville Chiropractor: Avoid Back Surgery, Get Relief

When you have lower back pain, what do you consider when choosing a doctor to treat you? Your treatment and outcome depends much on your answer. Today, at least half of the public think of their chiropractor as the primary healthcare giver for their lower back pain. In Millville, consider Wilson Family Chiropractic for chiropractic care. But whom does medical science and research say back pain patients choose to see?

Well, Wilson Family Chiropractic wants you to know about this study: a comparison of spinal manipulation of lower back pain versus physical therapy and back school training was performed on 210 patients with chronic low back pain. They were assigned to one of those three groups. Of the 205 patients who completed treatment (140/205 women, age 58+14 years), spinal manipulation showed the highest functional improvement and the lowest non-response rate. The results suggest that, independent from other characteristics, patients with chronic low back pain and low back pain-related disability should first consider spinal manipulation as a conservative treatment.  (1) Wilson Family Chiropractic’s spinal manipulation is the gentlest, effective, evidence-based treatment you’ll experience in Millville!

Plus, whom you choose to see for your back pain first is a big factor in whether you end up with back surgery!

  • Patients who see a chiropractor first are more likely to NOT end up having back surgery – only 1.5%.
  • Patients who see a surgeon first are more likely to undergo back surgery – 42.7% of those back pain patients who see a surgeon first underwent back surgery. (2)

See Wilson Family Chiropractic first if you would like to try to avoid back surgery!

Chronic lower back pain – pain that you’ve had for more than 3 months – and lower back pain in general is well managed at Wilson Family Chiropractic. We offer the non-surgical Cox Technic System of treatment in Millville to reduce your back pain. Contact us today! 856-327-BACK (2225)

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