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Millville Inflammations Foe: Curcumin

Curcumin – the nemesis of inflammation? Quite possibly! Wilson Family Chiropractic talks with our Millville chiropractic clients daily about inflammation and pain, especially back pain and neck pain, arm pain and leg pain. Chiropractic care via an anti-inflammatory nutrition approach is helpful especially when incorporating curcumin, an addition supported by several recent research papers!
A recent scoping review (from 8 databases with 389 citations) of evidence regarding the use of curcumin for inflammation-related condition found a lot of support of the clinical benefit of curcumin for inflammatory-related diseases like osteoarthritis, metabolic disorders, etc. (1) A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials (65 of them) that studied the impact of turmeric/curcumin on inflammation and oxidation balance reported that supplementation significantly decreased inflammatory markers (CRP and IL-6) and enhanced anti-oxidant activity, enhancing the body’s inflammation/oxidation balance(2) Another analysis of randomized controlled trials (29 of them focused on 5 types of arthritis – ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, and gout/hyperuricemia) made known the safety of using curcumin in addition to the change for the better in terms of pain and level of inflammation. (3) A further analysis of 15 randomized controlled trials specifically centered on the effects of curcumin on osteoarthritis concluded that curcumin and curcuma longa extract may be safer and more valuable supplements for osteoarthritis than NSAIDs and placebo. Moreover, the adverse effects of curcumin were comparable to those of placebo, rendering it a safer option. Indeed, when compared to NSAIDs, another regularly utilized treatment for osteoarthritis, curcumin compared with NSAIDs was observed to have comparable effects on joint pain, function, and stiffness but with a lower incidence of adverse events. (4) So why not give this natural option a shot? Let’s talk about it at your next Millville chiropractic appointment.
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Make your Millville chiropractic appointment now. If inflammation is your enemy, we can talk at your next appointment about including curcumin to your supplement nutrition plan! Wilson Family Chiropractic is here to help reduce inflammation and pain!
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